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Labour Minister meets with GB business leaders

Labour Minister Dion Foulkes took the opportunity this week to meet with Grand Bahama labour unions and businesses. Read an excerpt from online news outlet Magnetic Media here.

Magnetic Media
Tuesday, July 11, 2017
Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Freeport, Bahamas, July 10th 2017 (Magnetic Media) – Ahead of government’s plans to roll out small businesses and employment opportunities in Grand Bahama, Labour Minister Dion Foulkes [pictured] took the opportunity to meet with Labour Unions and businesses. The visit is part of the mandate coming directly from Prime Minister Hubert Minnis, who has called on all members of cabinet to have a direct role in impacting and effecting the revitalization of job opportunities in Grand Bahama following Hurricane Matthew’s devastation last year.

Part of Minister Foulkes trip entailed meetings with the Grand Bahama Port Authority, Freeport Container Port, Bahama Rock Ltd., Grand Bahama Shipyard, and Pineyard Steel to discuss its training programme. Among the labour leaders the minister met were Bahamas General Workers Union, headed by Thomas Basden who represents the workers at Bahama Rock; Grand Bahama Port Authority Workers Union, headed by Mervin Wright; and Commonwealth and Hotel Services, headed by Michelle Dorsett.

This is an excerpt from Magnetic Media as it appeared on July 11, 2017. For updates or to read the current version of this post in its entirety, please click here.

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Bahamas-based managed cloud service provider, Cloud Carib Ltd is extending its reach across the Caribbean and Latin America, bringing several new data centres to the region.

The Bahamas celebrated 44 years of independence this week with an evening of music and entertainment followed by spectacular fireworks. Watch a ZNS Network news report here.

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