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A new horizon for banking in The Bahamas

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The new CEO at Deltec is young, Bahamian and a woman

A career in banking was not top of mind for Deltec Bank & Trust chief executive officer Odetta Morton when she entered university at age 16. Morton’s earliest ambitions involved becoming a paediatrician, …more

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Feature Stories - The Bahamas Investor - Fall & Winter

Real estate boom in paradise

Sales of second homes and luxury properties are rocketing on the back of foreign direct investment
Bahamian real estate firms are anticipating this year to be a banner one, thanks mainly to an influx of new

The sky’s no limit for Nassau’s international airport

Lynden Pindling International Airport builds for the future as passenger figures skyrocket
In 2018, we experienced unprecedented passenger growth at Lynden Pindling International Airport (LPIA) with air arrivals into Nassau/Paradise Island climbing

Big players recognize The Bahamas as prime destination

Cruise lines are behind major new developments across the archipelago
During the first two years of its five-year term, the Dr Hubert Minnis administration has announced an almost constant stream

The future of funds in The Bahamas

Securities Commission of The Bahamas overhauls investment funds legislation to create a robust and modern industry


Investment opportunities for Bahamians soar

New platform gives Bahamians chance to invest in global markets


Building Bahamian businesses

Heading up the Small Business Development Centre, Davinia Blair is at the heart of an initiative to encourage local entrepreneurs


Grand Bahama attracts tech talent

Global software company joins the growing ranks of tech expertise in Freeport


Record-breaking tourism in The Bahamas

Visitor numbers are soaring, and with a brand new campaign touring the globe, signs are good for the future


Luxury yacht charters

Five-star cruises to tour The Bahamas


Lyford Cay’s Philanthropy

Foundations 50 years of investment in education


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