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CHTA: Tourism will rebound – video

The Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association is hopeful that the region's tourism industry will rebound and "emerge stronger" once the current Coronavirus pandemic has passed, citing the sector's resilience to economic shocks. (Photo via CARPHA.org)

Tuesday, March 24, 2020
Tuesday, March 24, 2020

CTO CHTAThe Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association (CHTA) is hopeful that the region’s tourism industry will rebound and “emerge stronger” once the current coronavirus pandemic has passed, citing the sector’s resilience to economic shocks.

In a joint statement CHTA CEO and director general Frank Comito and CHTA president Patricia Affonso-Dass said: “Despite the temporary dark clouds, the sun shines in the Caribbean and will continue to do so. As we come through this, the world will need the Caribbean to help it to heal.”

They pointed to the tourism industry’s long history of recovery from setbacks, saying: “We demonstrated this post 9-11, through SARS, Zika, hurricanes and other natural disasters over the past two decades, all while experiencing unprecedented growth.”

The CHTA began working closely with the Caribbean Public Health Agency in January to develop monitoring, education and awareness protocols. It has also established a COVID-19 Resource Centre, which offers the latest guidance, updates and travel advisories.

Comito and Affonso-Dass stressed the importance of collaboration between governments, industry leaders and communities in dealing with the pandemic and added: “Difficult decisions which are made today will help us to recover sooner and ultimately be stronger.”

The International Monetary Fund has warned the Caribbean region to prepare for negative growth and called for decisive actions by leaders to reduce the financial fallout from the Coronavirus crisis.

The Caribbean Development Bank is mobilising funds to help its Borrowing Member Countries, including The Bahamas, through the expected economic downturn generated by the Coronavirus outbreak.

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