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2019 Bahamas Investor’s Resource Guide

This special, 32-page supplement to The Bahamas Investor offers an essential overview for setting up trusts, international business companies and other wealth management structures, plus information on working and living in The Bahamas. Click on the link below to download/view a PDF. (904kB)

The 2019 Investor’s Resource Guide is an invaluable resource for private wealth management practitioners around the world covering tax planning


2015 Island Living supplement

Read all about investing in The Bahamas in our Island Living section in the July 2015 issue of The Bahamas Investor. This special, 31-page supplement to The Bahamas Investor offers an essential overview for buying real estate in The Bahamas.

Read all about investing in The Bahamas in our Island Living section in the July 2015 issue of The Bahamas


Investment environment and incentives

The Bahamas, through assorted acts and government policies, provides various investment incentives for both local and international investors. The following outlines some of the key initiatives to support investment and provides guidelines for those wishing to do business in the jurisdiction:

Adapted from the 2013 edition of the Bahamas Handbook In 1994, the government introduced a National Investment Policy to support


Invest In Grand Bahama

For 50 years, forward-looking companies have been relocating to Freeport, Grand Bahama, taking advantage of business opportunities and lifestyle benefits that are not available anywhere else in the region. Download the Invest Grand Bahama supplement from the Spring & Summer 2012 issue here.

Freeport is an international port and industrial centre operated by the Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA) under the terms of


Legal Directory

The July-December 2012 issue of The Bahamas Investor contains a special Legal Directory section filled with informative articles and listings of leading law firms in the jurisdiction. The 34-page supplement contains all the information an investor needs to know when looking to invest or do business in The Bahamas.

With more than 1,000 lawyers, The Bahamas is well-equipped to deal with the needs of investors looking to manage assets,


Introduction to private wealth management

Strategic planning for business cycles is an essential element for any successful business. In The Bahamas we believe this principle is equally important for individuals and families.

Corporate structures

The Bahamas provides individuals and institutions the ability to establish customized corporate structures tailored to the specific demands of their international business transactions, asset management and estate planning.

International business companies (IBCs)

The IBC, although incorporated and domiciled in The Bahamas, is designed to facilitate the undertaking of legitimate business anywhere in the world.

Segregated accounts companies (SACs)

The SAC may create separate accounts with assets and liabilities which are segregated from the assets and liabilities attributable to every other account and also from the company’s general assets and liabilities.

Bahamian trusts

Free from local, income, capital or estate taxes, Bahamian trusts are also supported by modern, standard-setting statutes that have attracted some of the world's largest and most successful financial services providers to set up business here.


Foundations are another asset to the jurisdiction's cadre of wealth management services. What follows is a detailed list of requirements needed to establish a foundation in The Bahamas:

Executive Entity

The Executive Entity (EE) is a legal entity registered under the Executive Entities Act, 2011 to perform executive functions–these are powers and duties of an executive administrative, supervisory, fiduciary and office holding nature.

Private trust companies and family office

Families need dynamic and professional advisors to help them manage their wealth. PTC and the Family Office structures can be used as vehicles to help families achieve their goals, while dealing with complex tax, legal and regulatory issues.

Insurance products

Fantastic opportunities exist in the insurance business and The Bahamas has a legislative and regulatory infrastructure that supports the offshore and captive insurance sectors.

Tax planning for Canadians

The Bahamas not only offers crystal clear waters and a tropical climate, but also considerable tax advantages for those looking to make the move from the wintry north.

Tax planning for Americans

Tax law experts given an in-depth assessment of how US citizens can gain significant tax benefits from setting up operations in The Bahamas.

Mechanisms for information sharing

As a well-regulated and responsible international financial centre, there exists mechanisms or gateways pursuant to various statutory measures by which financial information in The Bahamas may be accessed by foreign judicial and/or regulatory authorities, subject to appropriate safeguards.

Property transactions

We demystify the fees involved with international real estate sales and what it takes for a foreign investor to buy property in The Bahamas.

Residency and employment

Essential information on the government of The Bahamas' immigration policy, adapted from the Bahamas Handbook.

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