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Shanghai Composite Index – chart

The Shanghai Composite Index measures the Chinese stock market and shows that China's boom period lasted from mid-2005 until 2007, after which the financial crash caused the index to plunge 72 per cent in a little more than a year. 

Chart of the Day
Wednesday, December 12, 2012
Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Today’s chart illustrates the overall trend of the increasingly important Chinese stock market as measured by the Shanghai Composite Index. Today’s chart illustrates how the Chinese stock market went parabolic from mid-2005 until late 2007. China’s boom was immediately followed by a financial crisis induced bust with the Shanghai Composite Index plunging 72% in a little more than one year. Unlike what occurred stateside, China’s post-financial crisis rally was relatively short-lived (only nine months). Over the past two years, the Shanghai Composite Index has traded within the confines of a relatively steep downward sloping trend channel. Over the past week, the Shanghai Composite has worked its way higher as Chinese stock market investors anticipate the introduction/extension of stimulative government policies after this week’s Central Economic Work Conference. This recent rally, has brought Chinese stock prices right back up to resistance (red line).

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Prime Minister Perry Christie will present the Cabinet with the choice of one of two questions to be put to the electorate during the referendum on gaming to be held in the New Year. Watch an interview with Christie here.

Prime Minister Perry Christie has said that Digicel Group Ltd has proposed offering broadband services in The Bahamas, but no approval has been given as the market will not be liberalized until 2014. Watch a ZNS news report here.

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