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FreedomFest economic panel highlights opportunity from crisis

Top financial analysts debate the current geo-political climate in regards to investing and wealth management at an economic summit held in Atlantis Paradise Island. The three-day conference runs until February 19. 

Thursday, February 17, 2011
Thursday, February 17, 2011

Addressing the theme of “Crisis and Opportunity in the Global Economy” at the 2011 FreedomFest Economic Summit, a panel of top financial analysts and economists discussed the current geo-political climate in terms of investment and wealth management.

“The outlook for 2011 really depends on what time horizons you are looking at,” said Frank Suess of BFI Capital Group during the roundtable discussion. ” A scenario that covers the next 3-6 months will continue to see recovery, and you may have some short-term momentum in your investments, but if you are looking at the next 18 to 24 months, then it will be very different. The big picture is not black and white.”

Lou Petrossi of the Wealth Research Institute urged diversification in an investment portfolio, as well as keeping a dynamic element. “You have to think like a businessman and invest in companies that are making money right now.”

Ty Andros of TraderView said that the current economic climate presented “the greatest opportunity in history, if you play it right,” adding that “if you don’t, it will be your demise.” The economic analyst commented that China was undergoing an incredible transformation, with both production and consumerism on a steep incline.

The summit runs February 16-19 and can be attended on a day-to-day basis.

Financial gurus, economic analysts, brokers and investors gather on Paradise Island this week to debate the world's economic outlook and investment climate. Renowned wealth and asset managers, and financial commentators, including Mark Skousen, Peter Schiff and Forbes columnist Ken Fisher, discuss the investment strategies in a new economic era.

After several delays and setbacks, all financing and contracts are in place to begin the mega-resort project on New Providence's Cable Beach. The brainchild of Bahamas resident Sarkis Izmirlian, the development is expected to take four years to complete and contribute approximately $1 billion in new spending to the local economy during the first year of operation. Pictured above from left to right: Dikran Izmirlian, Sarkis's father; Li Ruogo, chairman and president, Export-Import Bank of China; Sarkis Izmirlian, Baha Mar chairman and CEO; Brent Symonette, Deputy Prime Minister. Pictured below: at the left sit Sarkis Izmirlian and his wife, Katie.

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