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Atlantis hosts FreedomFest Economic Summit 2011

Financial gurus, economic analysts, brokers and investors gather on Paradise Island this week to debate the world's economic outlook and investment climate. Renowned wealth and asset managers, and financial commentators, including Mark Skousen, Peter Schiff and Forbes columnist Ken Fisher, discuss the investment strategies in a new economic era. 

Thursday, February 17, 2011
Thursday, February 17, 2011

Established by financial economist Mark Skousen as an alternative to the Davos G20 economic summit, FreedomFest gathers together some of the top free market experts once a year to discuss economic trends and investment strategies.

In his opening keynote address, Skousen spoke about forecasts and strategies for 2011 and how the financial crisis creates danger and opportunities in an investment portfolio. Specifically, the economist drew attention to growth in emerging markets, particularly China.

“China has put ‘capital’ back into ‘capitalism’,” said Skousen. “China has had real growth rate of 10 per cent for the past 30 years, as opposed to the US, which has had real gross domestic product growth of 3 per cent since 1980. That’s growth of two or three times that of the US. It is the world’s fastest growing major economy.”

Skousen, however, warns that money supply is growing like “wild fire”, 26 per cent last year alone, which is likely to lead to an inflation problem. “China has created an unsustainable boom and bust cycle in prices of goods and real estate … so a collapse is inevitable. No one knows when, but it will come.”

Other speakers at the three-day conference, including Steve Moore of the Wall Street Journal, Peter Schiff and Forbes columnist Ken Fisher, will be addressing investment opportunities and wealth management.

The summit runs February 16-19 and can be attended on a day-to-day basis.

Leading local lawyer urges the creation of a specialized legal system in regards to financial services, so as to remain ahead of the competition. Although local pool of legal talent is well developed, opportunities still lie in diversification and international exchange.

Top financial analysts debate the current geo-political climate in regards to investing and wealth management at an economic summit held in Atlantis Paradise Island. The three-day conference runs until February 19.

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