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COB’s MBA programme kicks off

The College of The Bahamas is processing applications from candidates, mainly from the financial services sector, to participate in its inaugural 19-month MBA programme beginning in September. 

Wednesday, September 8, 2010
Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Just over 20 professionals have applied to be among The College of The Bahamas’ (COB) first group of MBA students in a programme designed to meet the unique needs of the Bahamian economy in a globalized market place.

The return on investment for an MBA is well known, accelerating careers and boosting earning potential, whilst helping to ensure employment and marketability in an ever evolving job market.

“If one is serious about pursuing excellence in business, I believe a degree at the master’s level is critical; a first degree is not enough,” says Franklyn Wilson, chairman of Sunshine Holdings and former college council chairman.

The 24 candidates who have applied to be a part of the new programme come from a wide variety of backgrounds and work experience,?says Dr Sonya Wisdom, director of graduate programmes at the college.

“They come from the private and public sector, and we have lots of former COB graduates among them. They are, for the most part, excellent candidates.”

Although all candidates have been interviewed, the Graduate Programmes Office is awaiting a few outstanding documents, such as undergrad transcripts from tertiary institutions abroad.

“We don’t want to make decisions without every possible document we need,” says Wisdom. “It’s not fair to the applicant to do otherwise.”

Registration is scheduled for September 13, with classes starting September 21.

The programme consists of seven modules, with classes held on Tuesdays and Saturdays, over a four-semester academic year.

Designed for the working professional, the COB MBA combines practical course work, research, experiential and team-based learning into a 19-month programme that also includes an off-island intensive course, where students will study at a host institution abroad.

Core study areas include international business and management in a cross cultural environment, with an emphasis on the Bahamian economy. Students may also choose to specialize in one of three areas: entrepreneurship and innovation, leadership, and financial decision making.

“There are some aspects about business in The Bahamas that can be addressed better at COB than anywhere else in the world,” says Wilson. “The college is committed to an MBA degree that will maintain high educational standards and will be respected globally.”

Traditional MBA courses last two years. At the end of the first year, which consists of general business subjects, students usually get an opportunity to intern with companies to gain some experience. The second year covers subjects related to specialization.

One-year MBA programmes target those with work experience. The programmes are rigorous and do not include internships or breaks.

The cost of the 19-month programme is $32,400 for Bahamians and $37,800 for non-citizens. The introduction of an MBA programme is in line with the COB’s efforts to gain university status.

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