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The Bahamas Investor – July 2016 Press release

Etienne Dupuch Jr Publications Ltd is pleased to announce the release of the Fall & Winter issue of The Bahamas Investor. 

Tuesday, July 26, 2016
Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Dupuch Publications is pleased to announce the release of the July-December 2016 issue of The Bahamas Investor.

The bi-annual publication is packed full of insightful commentary, in-depth interviews and profiles and expert opinion covering all investor-related business and financial news from The Bahamas. With more than 100 pages of original and contributed content, The Bahamas Investor is a vital tool for promoting the nation to anyone looking to work, live, invest and do business in the jurisdiction.

This issue profiles one of the country’s most respected bankers, Yves Lourdin, who is stepping down from the day-to-day operations of Pictet Bank and Trust Ltd Bahamas this year.

During his 37 years at the helm, he built a solid base of local and Latin American clients and grew the office from a staff of three to 110 at its peak. Now looking forward to retirement, the Swiss national has no intention of leaving his home of the last four decades. “I am Bahamian in all but passport,” says the veteran banker during an exclusive interview for this issue. “This is my home and this is where I will stay.”

His successor, Grégoire Pictet, a man whose family name is synonymous with Swiss private banking, took over the managing director role at the beginning of the year. During his tenure, Pictet is looking to build upon the existing local client base and drive growth in Latin America. “The bank is built on the fantastic work of the past and we are now looking to the future, with a new model and new people,” he says in the Executive Focus section.

The cover story of this issue addresses another organisation going through change as Tanya McCartney takes control of the Bahamas Financial Services Board. Her work, together with the Ministry of Financial Services, in promoting The Bahamas overseas is vital to the continued success of the jurisdiction as an international financial services centre.

Talking about her marketing and trade missions abroad she says: “We look at the toolkit in terms of what products and services we have and the ones we want to highlight or showcase. We go to the jurisdictions where we have business interests; we look at the markets; we look at our products and then we work with key stakeholders in the industry. We present a unified marketing front when we attend these events. Our vision is aligned when it comes to promoting the jurisdiction.”

As new leaders emerge in the sector, The Bahamas, like Pictet, is also looking to build on past successes for a brighter future.

A new Organisation of Economic Co-operation and Development report says governments should use tax systems to drive an inclusive growth agenda – one that seeks to boost growth while sharing the benefits more evenly within society.

Kerzner International Holdings, which created the Atlantis brand, has announced the appointment of Jean-Gabriel Pérès as its new president and chief executive officer.

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