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BFSB ramps up Bahamas Landfall events

The Bahamas Financial Services Board, with the Ministry of Financial Services, has scheduled five Bahamas Landfall events during the August-October period in Latin America and China. 

Monday, June 16, 2014
Monday, June 16, 2014

The Bahamas Financial Services Board (BFSB), with the Ministry of Financial Services as a cosponsor, has scheduled five Bahamas Landfall events between August and October, as it takes aim at advancing The Bahamas Advantage and business opportunities in Latin America and China.

BFSB’s ambitious promotional programme built around the Bahamas Landfall theme that was conceived and launched in 2010 will include events in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo in August, Mexico City in September and Hong Kong and Beijing in October.

Sandwiched between the Landfall events in China, BFSB will also cosponsor with the Ministry of Financial Services the China Offshore Summit in Shanghai. The China Offshore Summit is designed to educate Chinese financial intermediaries on the effective use of tax planning and asset management tools available in low-tax jurisdictions. With an average of more than 500 attendees per event, the China Offshore Summit provides a premium platform for information exchange, business development and much needed education for Chinese intermediaries in this burgeoning market.

“We have made significant strides in Latin America, particularly in Brazil, over the past few years,” says BFSB chief executive officer and executive director Aliya Allen.

“Persistent promotions by BFSB combined with independent efforts by many of our member firms have been key to this success. China’s burgeoning number of HNWIs and its investment groups and corporations requiring an ever increasing need for sophisticated international wealth, tax and asset planning services is a business opportunity that just can’t be ignored. But it will require the same kind of persistent effort that has led to our success in Latin America.”

BFSB’s Landfall events have played a pivotal role in the headway that has been made in Brazil and in promoting The Bahamas’ advantages in international financial services in the other global markets that have been on its radar screen.

Landfall events were strategically conceived as a platform for conveying The Bahamas Advantage for private wealth management, asset management, residency and international business, engaging multiple stakeholders.

BFSB member firms and other business related partners such as the Bahamas Maritime Authority, the Grand Bahama Port Authority and others have been able to coalesce under a single banner to promote the broad range of financial, investment and business opportunities available in The Bahamas.

Since the inaugural event in Brazil in 2010, BFSB has coordinated eleven Landfall promotions: three in Brazil, two in London, and one each in Hong Kong, Geneva, Zurich, Toronto, Calgary and Miami. With the events scheduled over the next few months, BFSB will have undertaken 16 Landfall promotions in less than five years.

“No two events are the same,” adds Allen. “Information is tailored to the specific needs and levels of awareness to the audiences attending the Landfall events. We also use the Landfall platform to introduce new products or services as will be the case in Brazil in August where we will launch a new investment fund product that has been designed specifically with the Brazilian market in mind.”

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