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UK zoologist heads media for Bahamas Sharklab

He started his zoology degree in rainy Manchester, but now CJ Crooks is head of media at the world-renowned Sharklab in The Bahamas. 

The Independent
Thursday, August 8, 2013
Thursday, August 8, 2013
CJ Crooks

As a young boy I always envisioned myself disappearing to some far-off corner of the world to explore and live an exciting life. I would daydream about possible careers, trying to find a way in which I could combine travel and new experiences with an enjoyable occupation.

I coasted through education, keeping my options as open as possible, never really able to picture where my life was headed. I was eventually coerced into making some sort of a decision as I crept closer to further education. I had a curiosity about animals, a love of the ocean, and a passion for the environment, which compelled me in the direction of zoology – with a hope of heading abroad in the future to study or research.

Quote startI chose this internship not because of the location or the fantastically charismatic study species, but down to the scientific prowess of the station.Quote end

So, where would I go to advance my knowledge and pursue my ocean-based aspirations? Clearly a landlocked, rainy university in Manchester… It’s not the most likely candidate you might think, but it boasted a program which allowed me to travel as part of my degree, along with a potential sandwich year to gain ‘Industrial Experience’, which was a real clincher.

The first few semesters of university certainly didn’t help my occupational uncertainty. I drifted from lecture to lecture, and had little drive to excel while I had no clear prospects. Field trips to South Africa and France would spark my interest, but it wasn’t until I had the opportunity to start looking for a placement abroad that I really began to feel excited about Zoology.

As I searched through the most exotic marine internships I could find, there was one that truly captured my imagination, a shark research station in the Bahamas. Now as much as I am sure you won’t believe me, considering my self-indulgent ambitions to see the world, embark on adventures and have fun, I chose this internship not because of the location or the fantastically charismatic study species, but down to the scientific prowess of the station

This is an excerpt from The Independent as it appeared on August 8, 2013. For updates or to read the current version of this post in its entirety, please click here.

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