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The Bahamas Investor Magazine Archive

January 2016 issue

Etienne Dupuch Jr Publications is pleased to announce the release of the January-July issue of The Bahamas Investor magazine. A primary resource of business and finance news and information, the full-colour 132-page publication is essential reading for anyone looking to live, work or invest in The Bahamas.

The Bahamas Investor Jan 2016 Features

A decade of change

To mark its 10th anniversary, The Bahamas Investor solicited the views of some of the industry’s key players on the current health of the financial services industry and the investment climate

Financial services landscape: LatAm

The profile of Latin American investors is changing and The Bahamas is perfectly positioned to tap emerging wealth

Adjusting to global compliance

It has been an intense period of change, but The Bahamas has proved itself adaptable to the new regulatory environment

Boutique bank boon

Smaller, more nimble banks are filling the gaps left in bespoke financial services as bigger global banks entrench

Remote trading: offshore and online

As telecommunications improve and become more reliable, one online trading platform is leading the way in The Bahamas

Developing capital markets

Two decades of operation and with a new executive director, the Securities Commission is looking to expand and grow the industry

Realizing assets, settling debt

A few high-profile cases in recent years have highlighted the sophistication of insolvency and asset recovery in the jurisdiction

Transforming island economies

Infrastructure is absolutely essential to economic prosperity for The Bahamas and other small island states

Atlantis evolving and innovating

Paul Burke talks about his first year at the helm of the Paradise Island megaresort

Trading Chinese currency

Last year, the Asian economic giant agreed to allow The Bahamas to trade in yuan, a move that could bring millions of dollars in trade

Insurance for the future

Industry must adapt to change and embrace technology to thrive

Sustainable Andros

Family Island emerging as a playground for domestic and international travellers

Spearheading change

Minister of Financial Services Hope Strachan has ambitious plans for the sector based on diversification, targeting emerging markets and equipping the next generation of professionals

Living the luxury lifestyle

Owning property in paradise is a dream come true, and a sound investment

Accounting for a rapidly growing profession

Tax compliance era presents wealth of opportunity for Bahamian accountants

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